Banks buckling

July 7, 2021


Some banks are cash-negative and buckling. SEC is stealing bitcoin from exchanges under the guise of violations, akin to law enforcement taking drugs off the streets and then re-selling them themselves. Big political act of war is on the horizon.

Cryptocurrency compromised

June 3, 2021


The cypto comromise continues. New global taxes are being implemented to tax bitcoin and other alt-coin holdings. Blockchain technology remains a big step forward for freedom but the implementation is crucial. The UN will be stepping up their attempt to control and implement a global currency through crypto under their economic development department. I would caution against using bitcoin and other cryptos with media coverage until futher notice.


May 7, 2021


We've reached the catalyst. Changes are inevitable. British Royal family is in survival mode. Blockchain tech has been infiltrated and is no longer a viable free person's savior. I'm back to being censored, Financial Times has been bribed by Wall Street to take our firm's articles down as well as Marketwatch, WSJ, and other mainstream outlets. They want to close all the possible doors out for the average joe. Many may be eaten alive.

Since we are limited to the number of clients we can benefit with our firm and time is now of the essence, I've decided to go ahead and launch Rijal. The coin is pegged to our company's profits, so without having to become a client, you can simply buy the coin in blessings and reap our profits. The only fighting chance for survival is this purely decentralized crypto.

Buckingham palace trip

I had a visit after the passing of prince philip to Buckingham palace - had to cut my hair as a small rite - I managed to sneak some videos and pictures in, selfie with the throne. A little humor but still on the mission.

Bitcoin's rise and fall

January 1, 2021


My work with Bitcoin is coming to an end. The cryptocurrency has been compromised and is no longer a viable alternative, nor are any of the other alt-coins. The initial purpose has been lost in the commercialization of cryptocurrency!

I will make one last push, get your profits but I will be exiting and so will many of the heavy hitters on the good side.

Regime change

October 31, 2020


As hard as it may for many of you to hear, the current regime will be changed but the figurehead will not face any consequences and continue to work. EV is comprimized.


February 2, 2020


Back from Aswan! New York won't be seeing much of me in the upcoming months. Things will be gettin serious soon in the global shift. Stock market pull back is beginning. Media agitators will be either going the racial division route or starting an Iran/Persia area war in the upcoming months. Unsure.

We will be switching investing strategies. Prosperity to you all!

Global shift

October 31, 2019


Many of you have wondered why my social media presence has gone down notably and asked for an explanation to the tweet below:

In short, the world is about to change. There is a catalyst from the far east, China, that will be used to discredit the mission, control populations, and distract the masses. I may have been compromised, so I cannot share details in great length but prepare yourselves financially!! It won't be the end of the world but the attempt to begin a new world. This will be the closest we've ever seen new world order.

I can't divulge to much information but prepare. I have made new contacts and the fund can now accept 50 new clients to prosper in the upcoming Come Up. Even if you're unable to make the cut, don't fret. I am working on ways to spread the blessings the way I promised I would many years back, and I WILL DO IT.

ROME: Blue Moon

May 18, 2019


I've made it to Rome for the blue moon and will be conducting 44 rescues and conducted the QSRRM ritual.

Disaster averted.


January 1, 2018


All previous entries have been purged and the content will now be held on the company website for security purposes.

NASDAQ (QQQ) Investment Plan


We will be working on putting the most money we've put in clients' pockets since time is of the essence now. Things are changing big and many are walking head first into the fire. My advice is to take the earnings from this plan and move away from heavily crowded cities and communities.

All or Nothing

Limited availability

The All or Nothing is the riskiest options investing plan we offer. The goal of the plan is to return 8,000% over the course of three months.

If successful, this plan can transform your portfolio into a formidable investment portfolio. Caution, the risk is high.


  • Regal Investments account
  • No other plans active
  • Minimum funds for investing: $500 or USD equivalent
  • Maximum funds for investing: $25,000 or USD equivalent

How it works

Duration: 12 weeks

Potential return(s): +8,229.30% | -100%

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Rijal Coin


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Rijal coin is a stable coin backed by Regal Investments' profits. Rijal in ancient tongue translates to "mankind". One coin is intended to grow in value to be enough for one man or woman to live an entire life prosperously. You may access the coin in its SLP derivative.

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