The Regal Way

Regal Investments was founded by stocks and options trader Roble Regal. Regal Investments is a firm built by a trader, operated by traders, and maintained by trading.

Investing has historically been the most reliable form of passive income. Traditional savings accounts barely cover the rate of inflation, wise investment covers lifestyles. While you work for the life you deserve, let your money work for you. That is the Regal way.

A Regal World

" Prosperously - the ability to live a happy and comfortable life is an inalienable and fundamental human right. ”
- Roble Regal, CEO & Founder


Access to live trades

Regal clients have the ability to see behind the scenes in great depth. See what trades were made as they were being made with a copy of the live trade available in your client dashboard.

Artificial intelligence & fintech

The Regal Investments’ “Masterboard”, a stock picking and trade decision making software in its trial phases, has successfully predicted over 720 market moves with an error margin of 3%. The Masterboard synchronizes with big data technologies to recommend trades based on trends and patterns.

94% accuracy

The Regal Masterboard boasts 94% accuracy in making trade decisions. With further advancements in research and development, the accuracy and profits will only increaase.

Regal Investments vs. The Market


Regal Investments’ all encompassing and comprehensive approach to investing gives clients an unparalleled investing experience: we have compacted our services into one "Prosperity Path".

Our substantial investments in investment analyzing technologies outside of the market set us a part from our competitors. Regal Investments utilizes strategies that range from monitoring trends in social media to implementing face tracking technologies to make predictions about a company’s performance.

Regal Investments
The Market

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